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Public Use of Timberlands

We at Olympic Resource Management take pride in our stewardship of the timberlands for which we are responsible – whether we do so as owner of the land or solely as the manager for others. While our primary fiduciary duty is to our timberland owning clients, we recognize that there are other stakeholders with an interest in uses of the land. People who live in the communities that surround our managed properties often have an interest in a variety of recreational uses for this land. We allow responsible recreational use of our lands where there is no public safety issue and when such use is consistent with preservation of both the value of our assets and public resources such as water, fish, and wildlife. In general, these responsible uses include year-round non-motorized use of roads and lands unless specifically posted.

During certain periods and on certain lands we allow other forms of recreational activity. Limitations and restrictions are posted throughout the tree farm informing users of the appropriate and considerate use of these private timberlands. Please contact our local office in your area for additional information concerning the appropriate use of our managed land.

Hood Canal Area and North Cascades, WA – Port Gamble, WA
Southern Washington  – Chehalis, WA
Northwest Oregon – Wilsonville, OR

Please respect all restrictions and use limitations. Active logging and harvest areas, environmentally sensitive areas, and areas reserved for employee use are off limits to all visitors unless accompanied by an ORM forester.

Hunting is allowed in selected areas during the state regulated season. Specific areas are designated for drive-in, walk-in and closures as depicted on the 2016 Hunting Maps.

There is NO HUNTING allowed, including grouse, in the Port Gamble area, east of the Hood Canal. All hunters must adhere to the Washington State Hunting Regulations at all times. Pope Resources reserves the right to cancel these privileges at any time.

Where access is allowed on our timberlands, please follow these guidelines: travel safely, be respectful of others, protect water quality, don’t litter, use firearms and other weapons lawfully, and prevent forest fires.

Violators of our land use policies will be prosecuted according to the area law. We encourage you to report inappropriate or illegal activities on the tree farm either to our local office or to the local sheriff. Inappropriate use by a few could cause access to be impaired for the many who respect and abide by use restrictions. Should you make appropriate recreational use of our lands, we hope that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.  

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